Basic Sailing Techniques

Sailing is a huge work – but sailing can be a huge fun. Nonetheless, there’s a little caveat for those that wish to enter this thrilling new universe, it is absolutely nothing to do with age, health, scholarship or wealth. This one and just pre requirement for the beginner sailor is actually quite fundamental. It

Sailing Boat

An assortment of free programs for model sail ships including yachts, gallions, brigantines and pirate boats. A lot of the plans might be adopted for radio control use. Albion – eighteenth Century Merchant Ship – Albion Strategies are 1.9mb from Portable Document Format – 39 pages, Instructions from Italian only. Construction Model Sailing Ships –

Light Wind Sailing Tips

Mastering the art of sailing in light airs gives rewards. Jonty Sherwill asks Steve Benjamin how to go on when the wind dies away – The forecast was spot on, the breeze has slackened as pressure rises, but now with the remains of an open sea swell and the tide soon to turn against you,

Sailing Safety Tips

The best thing you may do to prevent a parasailing accident is to educate yourself on the sport and the company providing you with the parasailing experience. Apart from keeping your legs safely planted on the ground, here are some general safety tips to help keep you safe while parasailing. Licensing: Since the industry isn’t

Sailing Equipments

Sailing is an adventure. This equipment frequently includes sailing paraphernalia, communication devices, and clothing. The very best way to prepare is a have a checklist. This list should include things such as a sailing knife, a strobe light, and a tool kit. A jacket with a strobe light will be ideal in the event that